About us

We started building custom templates for our own web projects. FThemes templates are always designed to look modern, load fast and achieve the highest possible conversion numbers.

FThemes Services

We have been developing modern age themes and templates which have helped our customer to scale their businesses.

custom wordpress themes

WordPress Themes

The share of WordPress is close to 40% of the total websites live on the Internet. We have been developing WordPress themes for quite a long time now.

custom hubspot themes

HubSpot Themes

HubSpot introduced theme in 2020 and we have been developing themes since day one. Our themes have been used by 1000+ HubSpot CMS customers.

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custom shopify themes

Shopify Themes

Shopify being the most desired ecommerce platform, we have taken care of your requirements of themes for the ecommerce game you’re badly want to scale.

Let’s Work Together

Chat with us with your requirements and budget and FThemes developer will revert back.